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Camp Out
Mouse Scouts #3

Sarah Dillard
Illustrated by Sarah dillard

Random House Children's Books
10/11/2016/ ISBN 9780385756082
Children / Fiction / 7 - 10 Years / Animals

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Young readers will enjoy Dillard’s newest Mouse Scouts adventure. Camp Out is a Scout lesson in adapting and pulling together for a single cause, despite one’s fear or weakness. Parents will see it as one of many life lessons, but young readers will see it as another courageous Mouse Scouts tale.

Our favorite Mouse Scouts (Violet, Tigerlily, Hyacinth, Petunia, Junebug, and Cricket) are back and preparing for an exciting, new quest. When Miss Poppy tells the Acorn Scouts they’re going to earn their “Camp Out” badges, they open the Mouse Scout Handbook and start packing. Some prepare reluctantly while others pack with excitement. Tigerlilly is excited, but Violet is worried about sleeping outside. Hyacinth handles it by packing her satin sheets, while Junebug packs a neck scarf to ward off allergens. As they stand ready to enter the Wilderness, Miss Poppy sets ground rules and warns of hidden dangers. Once they find the right spot and set up camp, the real adventure begins.

So far, Mouse Scouts proves to be a popular series, and I believe it’s because each Scout has a different personality. They express similar thoughts and emotions of those reading the series. The frosting on the cake is the delightful black and white illustrations. Readers enjoy seeing Dillard's characters, as well as the storyline come to life.

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