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I Am a Unicorn!
Michaela Schuett
Illustrated by
Michaela Schuett

Sky Pony Press
May 16, 2017/ ISBN 9781510714694
Children / Fantasy / Ages 3-6 years

Reviewed by Katrina Wiese


Frog believes he is a unicorn and no one, especially Goat, can tell him that he is anything but! Fully equipped with his horn (party hat), colorful (clip on) tail and bag full of magical unicorn sprinkles, we come to believe that anything is possible, even a frog becoming a unicorn!

This book is truly magical with bright, cheerful illustrations, while the story gives you laughable narration that has you rooting for this little frog who believes he is indeed a unicorn. I mean, how can you not love a frog that believes he is a unicorn and says things like "I eat flowers and toot rainbows." I think my nine-year-old daughter said it best, "Mom, all libraries need this book so everyone can enjoy it." I know we loved it and laughed all the way through! All of us should mimic this little frog a bit more and believe in the impossible!

Reviewed 2017