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The Leaky Story
A fun-filled adventure into the power of the imagination and the magic of books!
Devon Sillett
Illustrated by Anil Tortop

E K Books (Exisle Publishing Pty Ltd)
6 April 2017/ ISBN 9781925335392
Juvenile Fiction / Ages 4-8

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


A book sits on the shelf, ignored while its owners, the Blossburn family, do other things like watching TV or playing. But something strange happens one day; it starts to leak! Soon the family’s lounge is filled with water, and all the book’s denizens come out to play…

When I read a book that is full of everything a good book ought to be full of I often say in reviews that it needs a rubber band to keep it all from bursting out. Somebody else agrees with this observation as here is a book that does just that, unable to be ignored any longer and sharing its bounty with its owners. Ms Tortop’s illustrations hilariously match the simple script as bored-looking Blossburns fiddle with tablets in front of the TV, soon awash with a sea of water and words. The toys and TV show match the story in the book (pirates on the High Seas) showing that the book’s contents would appeal if only its owners would actually read it. Soon a battle is going on between the Blossburns and the pirates while sea creatures swim around (I love the octopi!) When it is all over the book is sated and it all goes back to normal but the family has so enjoyed themselves they want to go on another adventure. Could they have discovered what fun you can have with a book? This one is ideal for sharing with a young child, and then discussing its message of the timeless appeal of books.

Reviewed 2017