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Little Unicorn is Angry
How Are You Feeling Today?

Little Unicorn Series #1
By Aurélie Chien, Chow Chine
Illustrated by Aurelie Chien Chow Chine

Buster Books (Michael O’Mara)
21 February 2020/ ISBN 9781780556420
Children / Fiction / Emotions

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Most of the time Little Unicorn is a happy fellow and his mane is all colors of the rainbow. But his mane changes color with his emotions, and when he is angry it becomes bright red and he feels as though he has a big black cloud inside him. What can he do to calm down and restore his rainbow mane?

As it says on the cover, this book comes “with teach yourself breathing techniques”. It also says on the back that it “encourages children to name their emotions and manage them effectively.” This is all good news for parents who are familiar with the image on the cover (Little Unicorn throwing a tantrum). After explaining simply with the aid of plenty of sunny, contemporary-looking pictures and text about how Little Unicorn gets this way when he wants to do something he can’t, it shows how to calm down. I tried this, a technique that ought to help anybody (frazzled parents included), allowing you to take time out and force out that black cloud and angry feelings. It is all simply explained and if children get into the habit of dealing with anger this way it ought to help dispel those tantrums.

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