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Muffy & Valor
A True Story
Karl Beckstrand &
Illustrated by Brandon Rodriguez

Premio Publishing & Gozo Books
July 24, 2017 / ASIN: B073T1BH16
Children's Books

Reviewed by Katrina Wiese


This book is a true story of the author's little dog, Muffy, who after an accident has a very hard time accepting other dogs, and a new addition to the family, Valor, a German Shephard, who has some injuries to heal from as well.

I admit, a few times through the story I was a bit scared of the illustrations of the dog Muffy, as they were pretty ferocious. However, seeing the images really pulls you into the story and shows you just how scared little Muffy was. It also is great to see the difference in the body images of Muffy towards the end of the story after coming full circle with the help of Valor.

This is book is a great story to read with children to help them learn compassion and understanding of not only animals but humans as well. As my daughter said after reading this, "All libraries in school need this book to help kids understand how to interact with animals." I agree my little one.

Reviewed 2018