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No More Noisy Nights
Holly L. Niner
Illustrated by Guy Wolek

Flashlight Press
September 1, 2017/ ISBN 978-1936261932
Children / Fantasy

Reviewed by Jan Fields


Jackson loves his new home, until he goes to bed and the noises start. How's a mole to sleep after a hard day of unpacking when is house is full of sounds? Thankfully Jackson is a kind and creative little mole, and he figures it out. The text and illustrations of this charming bedtime book work perfectly together to give us a sense of both Jackson's quiet, industrious nature and his cozy new home. The author brings plenty of read-aloud enjoyment to the text by her use of the sound effects that disturb poor Jackson's sleep. Children will enjoy the silly things Jackson does because of his lack of sleep, and parents will appreciate Jackson's kindness and creativity as he turns a problem into an opportunity for wonderful new friends. I also loved the illustrations. The sweet character designs, muted color palette, and beautiful details will make the book one that young children will spend hours looking at. I know that as a child, I would have loved all the little peeks into the rooms of Jackson's house and imagined living in such a place. I predict this book will be read over and over and over by every child lucky enough to get a copy.

Reviewed 2017