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Our Dog Benji
Pete Carter
Illustrated by James Henderson

Exisle Kids Books
/2 February 2017 ISBN 9781925335330
Children / Juvenile (Preschool-8)

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Benji’s young owner often wishes he could be more like his dog. This is because Benji will eat almost anything, from Brussels sprouts to daffodils, ice cream to crunchy bugs. He mooches food from anybody he sees eating and is totally unfussy. Maybe he might inspire the narrator to be a bit more adventurous?

This is a lovely book to share with any child who might need a bit of encouragement when it comes to eating a wider variety of food. Although nobody would want them to take up munching bugs and bulbs, maybe there are some other ways they might try and emulate the variety-loving dog? Mr Henderson’s lovely pictures fill the pages and are a perfect match for Mr Carter’s succinct and discussion-provoking script. In muted tones, they depict a town in New Zealand where Benji frolics in the park, gazes soulfully at the fridge and floats happily amid a solar system made of fruit and vegetables. My own favorite scene is when he is spending time at the posh neighbors’ party, complete with canapés, wine drinking guest and piano playing hostess. This is one for the adults to smile at, a scene in a trendy intellectual’s home. I can imagine a family (or classroom) having plenty to talk about with this book, and I love the way it shows the sheer fun of being a bit adventurous with your food.

Reviewed 2017