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Pterodactyl Show and Tell
By Thad Krasnesky
Illustrated by Tanya Leonello

Flash Light Press
3 October 2018/ ISBN 9781936261345
Children / Fiction

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Most children are content to bring a favorite possession or souvenir from a day out to show and tell, but what happens when one third grade boy brings his pet? Sounds harmless enough, but suppose the pet is a pterodactyl…

Mayhem is guaranteed in this fun picture book as the pet runs rampant in the school. In each class there are noticeably fewer children, where will it all end? Children who love dinosaurs will enjoy this one! There is a lot to look at on each page too, as the hilarious illustrations show what is going on throughout the day. You can see who is or isn’t there in each picture and look at the humor in the details such as the titles on the books or pictures on the walls. The text rhymes, and there is a line or two of it on each double page spread making it ideal for young readers. Anybody worried about the rather carnivorous antics need not worry; the pterodactyl never looks scary (actually rather friendly) and what third grader wouldn’t want such a cool pet! This is a genuinely funny tale, and large enough to be ideal for sharing with classes or groups. Contemporary yet timeless, this book is bound to become a favorite with 5-7 year olds.

Reviewed 2018