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Sea Creatures From the Sky
bY Ricardo Cortes
Illustrated by

Akashic Books
April 3, 2018/ ISBN: 1617756164
Children / Fiction

Reviewed by Beth Lytle


This is a beautifully illustrated book that is a magical and compelling read! Discover the wondrous world of a shark as he journeys through the sea and encounters strange-looking creatures. Children and parents will love reading this humor-filled story. Each page weaves a story that is a work of art that will both thrill and calm children at bedtime, while the charming illustrations will wow everyone who has the privilege of reading it!

After the shark is caught and released by two marine biologists, no one believes his story. This is a story that many people can relate to, regardless of their age and, as with all good stories, there are definitely some lessons to be learned here. The book itself is also made of good quality, heavy pages. This is definitely a book you're going to want to keep on the shelf for years to come. This philosophical story puts a real spin on how creatures of the sea must view those who study them.

Reviewed 2018