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The SheepOver
Sweet Pea & Friends #1

by Jennifer Churchman, John Churchman
Read by Robert Petkoff

Hachette Audio
January 10, 2017/ ISBN 9781478976110

Children /Fiction / Animals / Ages: 4-8 / Grades P-3 / Audiobook - 8 minutes / Mac/PC PDF of Photos/Illustrations included

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Farmer John and Laddie the sheepdog enter the barn and hear the sheep, Prem, Sonny, and Violet urging Sweet Pea to get up. As Farmer John carries Sweet Pea to the greenhouse, Buff Orpington, the rooster,crows. Something is wrong with Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea has to stay in the greenhouse. Vet Allison tells Sweet Pea if she gets better she can have a Sheepover.

Will Sweet Pea get better? Will they have a Sheepover? What farm animals’ games do farm animals play at a Sheepover?

The Sheepover is about friendship and having fun. Young readers/listeners will enjoy meeting Sweet Pea and her friends. Each character is unique in his or her own way. Sweet Pea and Friends is a promising series for youngsters.

Authors John and Jennifer Churchman live on a farm in Vermont with Sweet Pea, Finn, and the other farm animals they write about in the Sweet Pea and Friends series.

With over a 100 audiobook narrations, Audie Award winner and Actor Robert Petkoff has become a popular narrator among thriller, fantasy and nonfiction audiobook listeners. With The SheepOver and Brave Little Finn, Petkoff wins the hearts of parents and young listeners, as he delivers the nurturing tone of Farmer John, the innocence of Sweet Pea, and the individual personalities of her friends. Both audios are the most adorable narrations I’ve heard in a long, long time. Listeners can’t help but come away with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Coming in October is A Farm for Maisie. The farm gets a new Sheepdog.

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