The Cloud Shaman by Charles Albano
Great Unpublished No. 286 - 2001
ISBN: 1588982866 - Trade Paperback
Nonfiction / Poetry
Ages 8-12

Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe,

This is a lively collection of poetry for preteens that ranges from four-line chuckles to longer rhyming story poems; great for parents and children to read together. It will bring up many topics for open discussions and exchange of ideas.

The first section contains short poems about every subject imaginable. Part Two contains story poems told with wit and imagination covering everything from dinosaurs to fudge sundaes. Part Three is all about Trolls, and Part Four contains three short stories that are geared to help children cope with everyday life. One story is about a boy who makes a suit of armor to protect himself, obviously aimed to help children deal with verbal attacks by other children.

Entertaining, stimulating and just plain fun, these poems can be read straight through or you can browse to pick and choose any that suit your fancy.

Dr. Albano, father of four and grandfather to six, definitely knows kids and how to speak their language. Highly recommended for reading aloud to children ages 5 and up.

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