ON THE TRACK WITH JEFF GORDON by Matt Christopher, Glenn Stout
Little, Brown & Co. - 2001
ISBN: 0316134694 - Trade Paperback
Biography -Ages 8 to 12 / From 1971 to 1999

Reviewed by Beverly Rowe, MyShelf.com
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Jeff Gordon entered his first automobile race when he was only five years old...he had been driving race cars for ten years before he was old enough to get a driver's license! This incredible biography shows what one boy accomplished with lots of determination, skill, and very supportive parents. His stepfather was instrumental in getting him started, first in racing a BMX bike, and then in his first quarter midget car. Financing this sport was very difficult...Jeff's parents made great sacrifices to keep him in the sport of racing until he was able to get sponsors to cover his expenses.

After he won the quarter midget national championship, he graduated to Go-Carts and then won his first sprint car race at 14 years old. From there it was a natural step to Stock Car racing. He was the youngest winner of the coveted Winston Cup, and has won it an unprecedented three times. Jeff excelled in every level or auto racing. His struggle to overcome disappointments and become the best he could be is a story to inspire us all to try harder. His achievements did not come easy, but required years of practice and study to hone his skills. He had to miss out on other things that most young people are involved in. School extra curricular activities had to take a back seat.

Photo illustrated, this book also tells the history of professional automobile racing, and outlines the differences in the various types of cars, tracks and races.

Even if you aren't a racing fan, you'll find that this sports biography is your kind of reading. It's very well written with lots of excitement to keep you turning the pages, and a great inspiration to pursue your dreams, whatever they are.

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