Preening for Flight by Hugh and Frances Keiser
Adventures of Pelican Pete, No. 2
Sagaponack Books, St. Augustine, Fl
ISBN: 0966884515 - Hardback
Nonfiction / Natural History
Children, Ages 4-8

Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, MyShelf.Com
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In the tradition of "The Little Engine That Could", Pelican Pete must persevere to learn what he needs to know most in life, how to catch fish! It is a wonderful lesson that that the very activities that seem to come easily to someone else may, in fact, have taken a great deal of practice!

With the story told in verse by Frances Keiser and the artwork by her husband of 40 years, Hugh, the book is an appealing from cover to cover.

It is also factual. There is a note reassuring parents that the details have been checked for accuracy by James A Rodgers Jr., a scientist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

There is also a treasure trove of additional information about pelicans in an addendum at the back of the book. Did you know that a pelican swallows the fish he has caught while he's on the water. "He cannot fly with a fish in his pouch." See? Important stuff. Almost as fun as the story

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