Ridiculous Poems for Intelligent Children
By Robin Hirsch
Illustrated by Ha
Little, Brown April 2002
ISBN: 0-316-36344-8 - Hardcover
Children / Nonfiction / Poetry
Ages 9-12

Reviewed by: Beverly J. Rowe, MyShelf.Com
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FEG is a very different kind of poetry book. It began as a word game played with the author's children. Here they offer up their silly poems of various kinds for you to try to figure out. There are lots of footnotes about the different kinds of poems, puns, acrostics, palindromes, word roots and word meanings, per the Hirsch boys.

So what are Ludwig van Beethoven, Mel Brooks, Willie Mayes, the Marx Brothers, and Gertrude Stein doing in here? Being preposterous, along with Bangalore, Constantinople and the Jersey Turnpike. Well, if you get stuck, there is a glossary too.

Exercise your language skills and start a lifelong adventure with your own children.
Finding new ways to use words, and making new words to use can excite the whole family. The illustrator of this collection of sonnets, puzzles, haiku and linguistic mayhem is known by the pen name Ha, and his illustrations are just right to highlight the text.

I'm glad I review children's books, so that I have a ready excuse for reading it in waiting rooms and other public places. I can't remember laughing so much over a book...it is hilarious.

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