Love That Dog
By Sharon Creech
Harper Collins - 2002
Children / Fiction / Poetry
Reading ages 8-12

Reviewed by Carisa Weeaks, MyShelf.Com
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Remember back in school when you were really young and your teacher had you write something in a journal everyday or every week so you could learn how to write well and have a chance to say what you feel? Well, in "Love That Dog" you get to see another teacher's unique approach to the journal idea.

Jack is the boy whose poems make up almost ninety percent of this book. He is a student in Miss Stretchberry's class, and once a week he has to write a poem about whatever idea the teacher gives. You can immediately tell what the boy thinks about it by the first poem her writes.

" I don't want to
because boys
don't write poetry.

Girls do."

This is an adorable book of poems that really shows the process of a young boy figuring out that just because girls write poetry doesn't mean boys can't write poetry, too. Sharon Creech has done an amazing job and definitely has a knack for keeping in touch with the kid in everyone. I absolutely recommend this book for kids and their parents, too.

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