On The Court With Venus and Serena Williams
A Matt Christopher Sports Book
By Glenn Stout
Little, Brown 2002
ISBN: 0-316-13814-2 Paperback
Children / Nonfiction / Biography
Ages 9 -12

Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe, MyShelf.Com
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This exhilarating biography of the Williams girls tells about their lives from their early childhood in a Los Angeles ghetto to becoming the world's top women's tennis champions.

Richard Williams began playing tennis with Venus and teaching her the game when she was only four years old. He wanted his daughters to excel in a life that would rescue them from poverty. Serena, too was introduced to the game at four years of age, and the girls were enthusiastic about tennis from the start. This is a blueprint of what can happen when the support and encouragement of parents and the interest and determination of children combine to pursue excellence.

The love of the game brought out the best in these talented sisters. Each of them developed superior speed and agility along with the skill and strength to excel in this difficult sport. Their victories encouraged them to higher goals and their defeats strengthened their determination.

At times, Serena and Venus faced each other on opposite sides of the net, but their sisterly love remained true, and they gave their support to each other, no matter which sister won the game. World fame becomes the Williams sisters, and they are a credit to their sport, with loyal fans worldwide.

This biography, illustrated with photos of the girls in competition, is an exciting addition to the Matt Christopher sports series. It is easy to read, with plenty of action to entice and inspire even reluctant readers.

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