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Publisher: Harpercollins Juvenile Books
Release Date:
ISBN: 0-688-17478-7
Format Reviewed: Large Hardcover
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Genre: Children / Nonfiction
Reading ages 8-12
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Carisa Weeaks
Reviewer Notes:

Butterflies in the Garden
By Carol Lerner 

     Ever wonder why certain gardens seem to attract EVERY butterfly in the universe? Well, this book by Carol Lerner no only explains this attraction but gives pointers on how to create a butterfly garden of your very own.

     Each page is packed with information on butterflies and flowers and has pictures showing what each butterfly and flower look like, their parts, and explanations as to how you, too, can have a garden filled with butterflies.

     I love the illustrations in this book. They are so colorful and magnificently created that any child will squeal in delight with the turn of each page. The information is easy to read and understand - not to mention helpful! This is a children's book, but I recommend it for anyone who loves butterflies and wants a butterfly garden of their own.

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