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Publisher: Windshift Press 
Release Date:  July 2003
ISBN:   0-9689637-4-9
Format Reviewed: Trade Paperback 
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Genre:  Children / Nonfiction
[Ages 8-12]
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer:   Beverly Rowe
Reviewer Notes: Children's publications Catalogue  

Mr. Lister Comes Home
By Reg Quist 

     Mr. Lister Comes Home is a book of reminiscing about the "good old days," the horse and buggy era and the ushering in of modern times. Reg Quist comes from a heritage of prairie pioneers and was a child during the great depression and World War II. Here he tells today's kids how ice was cut from the rivers and lakes, and preserved in a large building under sawdust, to be delivered by horse and buggy to homes without refrigeration in the summer.

     Kids will learn how people worked and played together in a warm, loving family atmosphere, and the phrase "I'm bored!" had not yet been invented. Television and cell phones were yet to come, and water was heated on a wood stove to wash clothes by hand, or if the mom was lucky, in a washing machine in the basement. The clean clothes were always hung outdoors on a clothesline, and they smelled wonderful.

     Dad or Mom wouldn't remember these times, but maybe Grandpa and Grandma would.

     This book gives kids a great view of what everyday life was like in this historical period. Illustrated with wonderful black and white period photographs from the author's past.

     I highly recommend this book to supplement your child's knowledge of history. Read it together as a family project. It's sure to generate interesting conversations about what used to be.