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Publisher: Heartsome Publishing
Release Date: 2003
ISBN: 0-9726408-0-0
Format Reviewed: Hard cover
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Genre: Children / Nonfiction / Ages 4-8
Reviewed: 2003
Reviewer: Beverly Rowe
Reviewer Notes: - No Lobster, Please!

No Lobster, Please!
A Story of a Child with a Severe Seafood Allergy
By Robyn Rogers 

Illustrated by Ms Fazio's First Grade Class at the H. Olive Day School

     This book is a very effective teaching tool for preschool through elementary ages. It will help youngsters understand their allergy problems and the treatments for them, as well as the importance of avoiding allergens. The whimsical illustrations are in vivid full color by the first grade children of the H. Olive Day School.

     Robyn Rogers tells the story of her son James and his allergy to seafood....the traumatic discovery of the allergy and what happened next. Rogers has put a very serious problem into a fun and easy-to-understand story to help children everywhere

     Statistics show that over six million Americans have food allergies, and with the potentially serious results of anaphylaxis, the kids who have these allergies, and their parents, must understand them. This is the only book available for children about seafood allergies specifically, and would be helpful to parents, teachers, and the medical profession in helping to deal with this important subject. The back of the book contains a parent information sheet that outlines symptoms for easy recognition of a serious allergy reaction.

     This book should be in every school library, and available though the medical profession for the education of patients.

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