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Publisher: Megan Tingley / TimeWarner
Release Date: September 2004
ISBN: 0316168084
Format Reviewed: Picture Book
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Genre:  Children / Non-Fiction (Baby-Preschool)
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Elizabeth Bird
Reviewer Notes:  comes with free 5 song cd

Hello Hello
By Dan Zanes

      To paraphrase Woodie Guthrie, "Folk songs are songs you sing to folks".

     Folk singer Dan Zanes has gone one step further. Having written the song, "Hello Hello", a breezy lovely anthem to diversity, Zanes has paired with his brother-in-law Donald Saaf to create a delightful picture book of the selfsame name. The result is a sweet ode to living with people of all different backgrounds and creeds.

        In the book, a pair of children walk down their street, meeting and greeting the wide assortment of inhabitants they find there. Whether they're flying with wings on their shoes or floating down a stream in an upside down umbrella, the book is a charming series of fun and interesting vignettes. Every other page in this book opens a little wider to reveal new situations and characters. Drawn with a mixture of collage, acrylic gouache, flashe paint, and colored pencils, the pictures are lively eye-popping creations that are sure to charm each and every viewer.

        But perhaps the highlight of the book is the cd located in its back. Dan Zanes has included a five-song collection of some of his best songs. The book, at its end, includes lyrics and even sheet music to these songs. Ranging in styles from a Scottish country dance to a Louisiana crawdad song, Zanes and friends are a fantastic listen. Parents that find themselves forced to listen to their children's music on long car rides will welcome Zanes' catchy melodies and beautiful voice.

     Parents purchasing, "Hello Hello" may be pleased to note that the book is printed from 100% recycled fibers and uses a chlorine-free bleaching process. So not only is it fun to read and beautiful to look through, it's environmentally friendly as well. If you've been looking for a good picture book that will entertain your children and set your feet ah-tapping, you could hardly do better than Dan Zanes' newest masterpiece. A great addition to any child's library.