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Publisher: Archipelago Press
Release Date: Nov. 2003
ISBN: 1-893335-12-7
Format Reviewed: Paperback
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Genre: Kids Nonfiction
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Amy York
Reviewer Notes:  

By Judith Fabris

     Judith Fabris has written a very reader-friendly type of non-fiction book; it imparts useful information within a pleasing narrative. In Money…Cool!, a comprehensive primer on personal finance is delivered through the daily interactions of the Carlson family. The Carlson children, Julie and Kevin, learn about stocks, starting a business, mutual funds, and several other financial topics from their parents and grandparents who are engaged in many of these activities. Parents who have struggled with debt will be pleased to know that Fabris does not introduce credit cards, buying on payments, or other debt-inducing activities. The book is divided into 12 manageable chapters, each of which ends with vocabulary terms, activities, and a quiz. There is also a glossary, bibliography, and answers to quiz questions at the end of the book.
      Though a very worthwhile read, the book does have some weaknesses. Carol Brolin’s illustrations are spirited, but rather old-fashioned looking. Also, older children may laugh at the Carlson kids’ “goody-two-shoes” personalities. Overall, though, Money…Cool! is an excellent teaching tool for homeschool teachers, public school teachers, or for parents who wish to raise financially literate children.