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Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date:
ISBN: 0-06-057234-5
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Genre:  Children: nonfiction / Poetry/Prose
Reviewed: 2004
Reviewer: Carisa Weeaks
Reviewer Notes:  Review 2

Where the Sidewalk Ends
30th Anniversary Edition
By Shel Silverstein

     “Hug o’ War.” It floods email inboxes on a daily basis – forwarded by everyone to their friends and loved ones because it says so much about the world – from a child’s perspective as well as a political activist’s. Shel Silverstein was a man of wit and imagination and in honor of his wonderful, innovative writing style, Harper Collins has released a 30th anniversary edition of his book of poems titled Where the Sidewalk Ends – the book, as it happens, where the poem “Hug o’ War” is from.

      The best part about the book, though, is that there are twelve new poems that have never been printed, giving those of us who thrive on Silverstein’s wit and humor something to feed our overactive, but very thirsty, imaginations. The poems give us even more of the intelligent nonsense that made Shel Silverstein famous. I highly recommend this book for any fan of poetry and especially to anyone who loves how, even as an adult, there are just some things that really do grow better with age – one of those things, for me, is the poetry and prose of Shel Silverstein.