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Amazing Gorillas!
An I can Read Book

By Sarah L. Thomason
Illustrated by Sarah L. Thomason

      Amazing Gorillas was created with the photographic support of the Wildlife Conservation Society and it really is a visual delight for children who love animals. There are full- color photos on every page. The photos of young gorillas were particularly engaging. My five-year-old daughter was delighted with it. It's a level 2 book so it's for children who can handle around ten lines per two page spread so it's probably a bit daunting for the youngest reader (though my daughter encountered few words she couldn't read). The content has a strong conservation slant but it's packed with interesting bits about gorillas - their social structure and behaviors. Readers get all the important stuff for report writing - life span, eating habits, size, etc. It would be an excellent book for a child writing his or her first animal report and a great gift for ape loving kids.

The Book

HarperCollins Publishers
January 2005
Board Book
Age Level: Developing Readers
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2005
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