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The Book of Boys (for Girls) & The Book of Girls (for Boys)

by David T. Greenberg
Illustrated by Joy Allen

      The Book of Boys for Girls, The Book of Girls for Boys has a lot going for it. The cover is bright and charming. The illustrations are lively. The text mirrors things boys and girls in grades 2 - 4 are likely to say to one another (and do to one another). There are booger jokes, fart jokes, missing the toilet jokes - pretty much the gross stuff school-aged kids love. The girls in the book say rowdy things about the boys. The boys say rowdy things about the girls. But they do find some common ground in the end. For kids who have already entered the years of terrorizing the opposite sex - the book is fun and funny (and might give them an idea or two for new tricks.) For kids who haven't hit that age yet - like preschool through first grade, it's a bit confusing and some of the requirements of writing the book as rhyme can twist phrases until they're a hard for a younger child to grasp: "So what if boys defy you?/Don't take it any longer/Just look them in the eye, you/And tell them that you're stronger." So, I would recommend that parents hold off on this one until kids are old enough to understand the challenging vocabulary (incomprehensible, delirious, speculate...) unusual sentence constructions, and boy/girl conflicts - but for those big kids, they might just find this book a hoot.

The Book

Little, Brown and Company / TimeWarner
July 2005
Picture Book
Nonfiction [Ages 4 - 8]
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2005
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