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Dare to Dream!
25 Extraordinary Lives

By Sandra McLeod Humphrey

     Life is tough. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we cannot do that we forget each of us has special gifts. Sometimes our talents are obvious, sometimes we have to search, but once we discover our unique abilities, we should dedicate our minds, hearts and energies to make the most of them.

     Dare to Dream! 25 Extraordinary Lives tells the stories of scientists and inventors, political figures and social activists, writers and artists, athletes and entertainers. All of these people found the courage to risk standing alone and the conviction to pursue their dreams. They all faced obstacles. Some started out dirt poor; others were the wrong race or the wrong sex. They didn't seem smart or pretty enough to pursue their chosen fields. Yet they all persevered. Sometimes their successes resulted in fame and fortune, but always their true achievements had an amazing effect on those around them.

     Author Sandra McLeod Humphrey, a retired clinical psychologist who is also a writer and consultant for the Heroes and Dreams Foundation, has included exemplary role models: Abraham Lincoln, Georgia O'Keefe, Jim Thorpe, Chien-Shiung Wu, Toni Morrison, Ben Carson, Gloria Estefan, and Sammy Sosa. Her heartfelt messages are clearly written, easy to understand and inspiring. "You don't have to compete with anyone else to be successful. You just have to be the very best you that you can be." Share this book with the young people in your life. Show them how to discover their strengths and overcome their fears. Encourage them to accept the challenge and Dare to Dream!

The Book

Prometheus Books
March 11, 2005
Children Non-fiction
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Lynda E. Lukow
Reviewed 2005
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