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Easter Egg Fun

by Sarah V. Richard

      Easter Egg Fun is the second of several children's counting coloring books that Sarah V. Richard is publishing. A graduate student in elementary education, Richard is putting the teaching concepts she is learning to work in these small hand-size coloring books. Using a simple couple rhyming scheme, Richard uses verse to introduce counting, not from one to ten, but counting down from ten to one. This is unusual in a counting book because children most often are taught to count one, two, three, and so on.

      Richards offers simple egg shapes for children to color according to the instructions at the bottom of the page. Sometimes, there are specific colors that she wants children to use; sometimes she wants them decorated with stripes or squares. Since each egg is numbered on each page, children can count each egg before or after decorating them. This reinforces the concept of each number.

      This book, along with the previous Is Christmas Coming? (where children count presents) and the forthcoming I See Seashells (where children count shells), would make good classroom supplements as well as in-home extra practice. Richard also plans to introduce the concept of shapes in a future title, House of Shapes. All of these books are available in print or downloadable ebook.

      Richard also is the author of Two Choices, a short young adult book about teenage pregnancy.

The Book

DiskUs Publishing
Children's Non-fiction, educational - Age Group: 3-7
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2005
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