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Harriet Tubman: A Woman of Courage
TIME For Kids Biographies

By The Editors of TIME For Kids and Renee Skelton

     One of the world's great mysteries is why Harriet Tubman has never received the attention she so truly deserves. Fortunately, thanks to the folks at TIME For Kids Biographies, we at last have an interesting and well-written biography for children of this most extraordinary of women. Filled with photographs, illustrations, and multiple facts about the time period, "Harriet Tubman: A Woman of Courage" is an excellent way to introduce kids to one of the great legends of this or any age.

    Born Araminta Ross on a slave plantation, Harriet was strong, both physically and emotionally, from the start. After marrying a freed slave while remaining the property of a different farm, Harriet decided to make her way to freedom in the North. She succeeded, but found she wanted to help other members of her family escape as well. Traveling to the South 19 times, Harriet proceeded to lead 300 slaves to freedom, in addition to another 800 she helped free in Civil War raids. She worked on the side of the Union as a spy during the War Between the States and continued to help the poor and needy well into old age. She died at last at ninety-three in 1913.

    In this biography of her life, Tubman is presented as a woman of extraordinary intelligence and courage. Kids reading it will find themselves intrigued by the author's explanations of how Harriet and other slaves used secret messages in quilts right under the noses of the slaveholders. Some pull away sections discuss the lives of slave children while others map out the different Underground Railroad routes taken from the South to the North. All this and the narrative of her life is written in a style that is fast-paced and interesting. If you need a biography to give to your kids, "Harriet Tubman" is respectful of its subject and is a fascinating read. Two thumbs up.

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Harper Trophy / HarperCollins
January 1, 2005
NonFiction/[Children Ages 9-12]
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