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I'm So Angry I Could Scream

by Laura Fox
Illustrated by Chris Sabatino

      Fourth-grader Penny is having a nightmarish day. Everything goes wrong and her anger builds and builds. When her mother won't let her go to an unsupervised skating party, it is the last straw. Penny screams at her mother, "I hate you!" and stomps up to her room. Penny has just experienced an anger melt down. Enter Aunt Rose, a school counselor, who soon turns Penny's day and her anger totally around.

Laura Fox's I'm So Angry I Could Scream presents a scenario that we all can relate to-adults as well as children. Aunt Rose not only talks Penny through her anger, but offers ways to create something positive from the bad experiences of her day. The big tool that she uses is an Anger Chart. This simple chart has three columns: one for what makes you angry, one for why this makes you angry, and a third to list ways to use this anger in positive ways. Fox's character Aunt Rose makes a profound statement when she says that not all anger is a bad thing. Anger can motivate us to make changes in our lives and in the world around us.

Aunt Rose stresses that we should try to find solutions to the triggers for our anger. Sometimes we can eliminate those triggers. For example, Penny was angry at her teacher for giving her a zero because Penny had left her homework at home, and she was angry at herself for doing poorly on a quiz because she had forgotten to study for it. Aunt Rose suggested that Penny buy an assignment notebook and write down her homework assignments and to make a note to put her homework in her backpack before she went to bed. These are simple solutions, but they are great examples of problem solving.

I'm So Angry I Could Scream is a great book for helping anyone manage anger. A blank Anger Chart is included at the end of the book and could be copied onto any piece of paper just like Aunt Rose did. Great job, Laura Fox!

The Book

New Horizon Press
September 2000
Children's nonfiction, self-help / Age Group 4-8
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2005
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