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Look Mom! I built my own website

By Zohar Amihud

     Zohar Amihud set out to write a book for the 11- to 17-year-old age group on how to build a website. Having just finished a degree in Graphic Design, I was obligated to take a website building class. Why, oh why, didn't our instructor choose a book that was this well-written and easy to follow?

     The book starts out by asking the reader what the website they are building will be about and tells them how to organize their content. The book also tells the reader what programs will be used--programs common to Microsoft--and how to locate them on the computer.

     The author then proceeds to teach the reader about the basics of HTML in a language that I could finally understand. At last it was no longer Greek. The reader is then walked through the steps needed to make a very basic but attractive web page. In the final chapters the reader is instructed in how to find a web server and actually publish their newly created page.

     This is an excellent, easy-to-follow book with great examples and ample illustrations. A website is also included if further help is needed. Although this book is specified for a younger age group, I think all ages and levels of computer competence would benefit from reading it.

The Book

April 28th, 2005
Children's Nonfiction / Computer how-to [Ages11-17]
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Susan Johnson
Reviewed 2005
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