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Time for Kids Science Scoops

By Adrienne Betz and the editors of Time for Kids

    Something about sharks fascinates kids, so this book has an automatic coolness rating. It's a leveled reader so it uses few words on a page and simple sentence structure, but that doesn't seem to weaken the book. It contains both solid basic shark information and surprising "cool facts."

     The photos in the book are gorgeous: sharp and dramatic. They also used lesser-known sharks, which I really appreciated. Great white sharks are impressive but I was delighted to see photos of unusual sharks like the whale shark, the basking shark, the carpet shark, and even the megamouth shark. So often books only give faint mention to some of the odder sharks and no photos as all. Although short and simple, this book is for the confident reader. It was well over the reading skill of my Kindergarten-aged daughter, but she was a rapt listener and reading it to her gave us a chance to discuss the photos and information. The book used analogies she could easily picture, such as "This gentle giant can grow to be bigger than a bus" in reference to a whale shark. While looking at the picture, my daughter could picture the shark being the size of her bus and I could tell she grasped the enormity of the animal.

     So, this will be a great addition to any shark enthusiast's home library. It has more than enough fascinating facts to write a really great shark report. And it just might coax the reluctant reader into the reading waters -- just watch out for the sharks!


The Book

Harper Collins Publishers
January 4th, 2005
Nonfiction / Ages 4 - 8
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2005
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