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TIME For Kids

By The Editors of TIME For Kids and Nicole Iorio

    One sure-fire way to get kids interested in the natural world around them is to introduce them to a creepy crawly subject. And what could be creepier and crawlier than spiders? The good people of "TIME For Kids" have done it again with their latest title, "Spiders!". Using beautiful color photographs, a variety of interesting facts, and a layout that kids are sure to enjoy, the book is a clever way to get your young ones reading a subject that both attracts and repels.

   The book's age group is listed as appropriate for the confident reader. "Spiders!" contains paragraphs and sentences of varied lengths. There are also different chapters, each covering an interesting aspect of spiders' lives. The chapter, "Along Came a Spider" explains that the creatures are arachnids and not insects, providing detailed diagrams to show why this is. "Spiders Spin Silk" displays their web skills while "Baby Spiders Grow Up" is self-explanatory. "Feed Me" shows what they eat, whereas "Don't Eat Me!" shows what eats them. The end of the book contains a variety of facts that kids will squirm and coo over (for example: "Some spiders eat their webs and then reuse them"). Finally, a "Words To Know" section on the last page reiterates the terms kids should remember after reading this book.

    "Spiders!" itself is an exciting addition to any library collection. The text interweaves graphs, cartoons, and beautiful photographs to show just how odd and exciting spiders really are. The facts are presented both in the text and in eye-catching boxes while additional interviews with spider experts and detailed diagrams retain the reader's interest. I was a little disappointed to find the photos extending all the way to the ends of the pages rather than to a neat border, but this is a small complaint. If you're searching for someway to get a reluctant reader interested in a book, I can think of no better lure than the delightful "Spiders!" by Nicole Iorio and the Editors of TIME For Kids.

The Book

Harper Trophy/HarperCollins
January 1, 2005
NonFiction [Children Ages 4-8]
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Elizabeth Bird
Reviewed 2005
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