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Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President
TIME For Kids Biographies

By The Editors of TIME for Kids with Lisa DeMauro

There are relatively few presidents a kid would enjoy hanging out with. Nixon was so dreary, Washington so stately, and William Henry Harrison so sickly. Yet Teddy Roosevelt is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. A cowboy, a lawyer, an athlete, a scientist, and a president, Roosevelt is one of our most fascinating American historical figures. Now his life has been presented in one of the TIME For Kids Biographies, celebrating his achievements and accomplishments. The book is an exciting look into the world of Teddy R. Any child reading it would agree.

The book follows Teddy throughout his life. Born a sickly but wealthy lad, Teddy was greatly interested in animals and their place in the world. His father, worried for his health, suggested to his son that he attempt to build up some with exercise. Teddy agreed and by the time he graduated from high school he was a strapping young lad. His path to the presidency took him everywhere from law school and a position as police commissioner to Cuba as the leader of the Rough Riders. After having been made the running mate of President William McKinley, Teddy was suddenly thrown into the midst of the presidency itself when the Commander-In-Chief was shot and killed. Thus followed Teddy's proudest years as he broke apart trusts, worked to save the environment, and played a hand in the Panama Canal. When he finally died at the age of sixty, he left behind a legacy of great works.

The book is filled with beautiful photographs of Mr. Roosevelt throughout his life. Dotting the text are also some maps, tables, sidebars, and other eye-catching ways of presenting the facts of Teddy's life and times.

There's even an interview with a current park employee explaining why we owe so much to President Roosevelt as well as a timeline that puts the great man's life into perspective. Kids reading this book will meet a president who felt life was just one big adventure meant to be lived. A beautiful, informative, and highly entertaining book.

The Book

Harper Collins Publishers
January 1, 2005
Non-Fiction [Children Ages 9-12]
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