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Alexander Graham Bell
Time For Kids: Biography

by Editors of TIME For Kids

      Bell is most remembered for his invention of the telephone, but he actually had many, many ideas. In fact, Bell was a natural at creating and inventing. The Editors of TIME for Kids tell young readers all they need to know about Bell - the race for the telephone, his many creations and inventions and his personal interest in deaf people. Did you know he was a teacher for the deaf?

TIME for Kids' biography of Alexander Graham Bell is for young and old alike. It's part of the new Biography series by Time Kids. It's easy to read and understand. The photographs take kids back to an era long before cell phones. It's a fascinating read and makes a great reference book for those classroom reports!

The Book

February 21, 2006
Children's nonfiction [Ages 4-8]
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Brenda Weeaks
Reviewed 2006
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