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Cranium FunFolio: Family Edition
Volume 1

by Cranium

      Since itís a Cranium product, Cranium FunFolio - Family Edition encourages tons of active and creative family time. There are even reward stickers for the completion of each activity. The activities focus on understanding and appreciating family members, such as creating "trading cards" for each family member. Among the things to do are games (a drawing game where each family member adds to a drawing and a story game played much the same way.) and stories. There is also a wild scavenger hunt that turns into a wild "fill-in the blank" story. My 6-year-old loved many of the activities but her favorites were acting out the spy screenplay and building a time capsule. To be fun, every game really requires the participation of the whole family. That can be a little tough to arrange in a busy schedule, and some members may be more reluctant than others - but the results are great if you can get everyone to enter into the spirit of the game. If you know of a family that loves doing things together - this book/game would be an excellent gift.

The Book

Little, Brown and Company
September 2006
Hard binder with spiral book, notepad, game cards, pen
Childrenís book and game - Age Level: Ages 4-8
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The Reviewer

Jan Fields
Reviewed 2006
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