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Cranium: The Star Performer Book of Outrageous Fun
Sing it! Dance It! Act It!

With Illustrations by Baseman

      Despite a slight tendency to try to accomplish death by exclamation point, The Star Performer Book of Outrageous Fun really delivers the goods for youngsters with a love for stardom. Much like the bigger Cranium Big Book of Outrageous Fun - this shorter fun kit is part activity book, part board game, and part autograph book. The focus of this particular activity book was performance - singing, acting, comedy skits, and jumping around, mixed with a few quieter pursuits like a little frog solitaire and a maze or two. My six-year-old daughter spent hours going through the book page by page, trying everything it had to offer. She balanced clay balls on her nose, hummed into the tiny kazoo, and found out how many jumping jacks she could do before the sand ran out in the tiny timer (48). The only thing that proved tough for her was a singing game at the end since she didn't know several of the songs, but she still declared that her favorite part of the book. I suspect the four-year-old end of the reader age might struggle with some of the activities but for the Kindergarten through Third grade bunch, there shouldn't be too many stumpers. The book is designed to be fun both for the child playing alone (though this will require a child who can read) and the child playing with older family members. The activities are simple but not to the point of boredom for older "performers." All in all, it's a nice bit of family entertainment.

The Book

LB Kids
April 2005
Hardbound book and game kit
[Age Level: 4 - 8]
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Jan Fields
Reviewed 2006
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