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Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals
Ed Emberley’s Drawing Books

by Ed Emberley

      This is a clever drawing book for children and adults who are artistically challenged. The first page lists all of the lines and squiggles that you will need to complete any of the drawing projects. Emberley’s sense of humor keeps you laughing as you progress through the book. The first lesson has you drawing ants - dots - and shows you how to make them climb a blade of grass. The color illustrations will put a smile on your face. I used this book with my favorite five year old, and she liked being able to be successful in following the instructions and using the different colors, lines and shapes. She used crayons, pencils and markers and spent an afternoon drawing and enjoying it. The instructions were easy for her to follow, and she liked to show off her work. This book could be used as a starting point in showing children how some simple lines and shapes can create a great drawing. This book is probably too simple and easy for older children, but they would enjoy the humor and look to other drawing books for further instruction. There are only 31 pages in this book, and children will go through them rapidly; however, Emberley has other drawing books in his series. His book using fingerprints would be more suitable for older children. Kindergarten and first grade teachers could use this series in a center or during art class and have children being successful and enjoying themselves. If nothing else, this book will put a smile on your face.

The Book

Little Brown and Company
April 2006
Non-fiction children’s drawing book - Five year olds and up
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Patty Foster
Reviewed 2006
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