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More than 400 kid-friendly explorations and experiments for curious minds

by Exploratorium

      The Exploratorium, a hands-on childrenís science museum in San Francisco, has produced one of the best science books for kids Iíve ever seen. It offers ways for children to look at themselves and the world about them, to ask questions, to seek answers, to find out how things work. Many science books for children explain everything, then may offer the child an opportunity to prove that what they have read is true. But this book lets children experiment first and then helps them understand what theyíve observed. Each activity has clear instructions and a list of what you need. Also included are steps in the scientific method that are called Tools for Exploration. These include observing, making comparisons, forming good questions, testing ideas, making predictions, measuring, recording, explaining, and sharing results.

Exploratopia is divided into three parts. The first, Exploring Yourself, deals with the human body: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, hands, and brain. The second section, Exploring Interesting Places, has experiments in the home, the backyard, the playground, the beach, and an amusement park. The last section, Exploring Interesting Stuff, deals with language, music, math, money, paper, illusions, light, color, sound, electricity, and magnetism.

Even as an adult, some of the best ways Iíve learned and retained what Iíve learned have been in situations where instructors have allowed me to find my own answers because they have asked the right questions. This is also the best way children learn, especially those who are kinesthetic (hands-on) learners.

Grab a copy for your child and start exploring together.

The Book

Little, Brown, and Company
October 2006
Childrenís Non-fiction, Science - Age Group: 8-12
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The Reviewer

Janie Franz
Reviewed 2006
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