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In The Desert
Explorers Wanted!
Explorer Series (Entire series listed at end of review)

by Simon Chapman
Illustrated by Simon Chapman

      Take a journey into the desert with Simon Chapman.  Your challenge from Mr. Chapman is to get to the Ahaggan massif and locate the elusive waterfall that a group of nomads tells about.  They have described wonderful rock paintings and an oasis that you must locate.  But how will you do that?

Take Simon Chapman's hand as he leads you across the great Sahara desert by truck, camel, and on foot.  You will meet all the strange creatures that live there: the scraggly plants that somehow find their own water supply, and the people who manage to survive the heat, lack of water, and fierce sandstorms. 

You will learn about what you need to make the trip and what to expect during each phase of the journey. You'll learn how to deal with dangers such as heatstroke, vipers and scorpions; as well as what to do with cranky camels when they spit on you!

Illustrated with the author's own sketches and his vivid descriptions, this wonderfully entertaining book is  packed with information; it is an armchair journey you will love to share at family time. The interactive format  gives you choices and quizzes, which will appeal to reluctant readers in the 8-12 year age group.

There is a whole series of these Explorers Wanted! books; each one challenges the reader to a different expedition. They are crammed with survival advice, explorers' stories, and natural history facts.

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  • Explorers Wanted!; In the Outback
  • Explorers Wanted!; In the Wilderness
  • Explorers Wanted!; On the South Sea Islands
  • Explorers Wanted!; On Safari
  • Explorers Wanted!; Under the Sea

The Book

Little Brown
January 2006
Trade Paperback
Children/Nonfiction/Nature [Ages 8-12]
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The Reviewer

Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2006
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