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Just for Me! My Really Cool Scrapbook
Based on the ALEX™ line of kids’ creative products created by Nurit and Rick Amdur

by Kitty Richards
Illustrated by Pattie Silver-Thompson

      This is a do-it-yourself scrapbook for children age six with adult help; Children nine and up can work independently. There are no written instructions, so your child’s creativity can be utilized to the fullest. The fuzzy purple cover with funky pink flowers is inviting for children, especially girls.

The kit contains forty-eight pages with ideas on each page, four pages of stickers, four sheets of decorative paper, a reusable plastic stencil and an envelope attached to the back cover for other mementos. The book starts with an initial page for your child to place her favorite picture of herself. The next page allows your child to begin her journey with the starting date. The next few pages chronicle your child’s fun facts about herself, a family tree, school activities, vacation, dream days, and other fun activities.

You do not need to start at the beginning, but can start anywhere you want and work your way through the book. You will need a few other tools, such as archival pens to write with, pencils to trace the stencil or template, fun scissors, pictures, glue stick or double-sided sticky tape, and templates to cut the paper or pictures. The stencil is okay for some simple shapes, but templates are useful for a greater variety. A suggestion for children would be to write their words and/or thoughts on a separate piece of paper before putting them in the scrapbook.

This book can be used with younger children with adult help with the writing; however, you should use the child’s words to capture her emotions and ideas. This is a fun activity that can be continued over a period of time and can provide loads of fun and become a journal or memory book that will be treasured for years.

The Book

Little, Brown and Company
September 2006
Children's Non-fiction: Age Group: 6-8 with adult help; 9 & up independent
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Patty Foster
Reviewed 2006
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