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Resumes For Children - 17 Years Old and Under - Yes, Really!
A Guide To Giving A Child That Edge To Succeed

by Donna Kristine Manley

      This practical, well organized guide will help you to record your child's achievements, activities, talents and interests in the form of a resume.  Donna Kristine Manley has developed her simple, yet useful idea of a resume for children in an easy to follow format, with lots of sample resumes, complete with references and cover letters.

Why does your child need a resume? Your child can use a resume to accompany an application for entrance into a special school, program, camp, or competition or for older children, to obtain a part-time or full-time summer job. Having a good resume boosts a child's self esteem and gives them a written record of their accomplishments and capabilities beyond the academic school reports.

Kids can use these guidelines to see how others have turned their hobbies into moneymaking endeavors and have ventured into other broadcasters, pilots and other fascinating accomplishments.

The softbound book also includes blank, lined pages for them to record their thoughts and rough drafts of resumes. This book is also a valuable teaching tool and reference; it should be in every school library.

The Book

Christiana Press
Large Format Paperback
Children / nonfiction/ self-help - Ages 12 & up
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Beverly J. Rowe
Reviewed 2006
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