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When Mother Was Eleven-Foot-Four
A Christmas Memory

by Jerry Camery-Hoggatt
Illustrated by Mark Elliot

      Isnít eleven foot four rather tall for anybody? This charming and thought-provoking reminiscence from this authorís childhood concerns his mother who was actually four foot eleven. Every Christmas she would decorate a twelve foot tree, helped by Jerry and his seven other siblings and cousins. But then things go wrong and the family splits up, money is scarce and none can be spared for a tree, so mother is in tears. How can she and her family make the magic return?

This is a childrenís version of another book by the same name, beautifully illustrated by artist Mark Elliot with the sort of paintings that are sure to be talking points while the story is being read. It is very much a read-aloud book for sharing, timeless in its appeal and sure to become a favorite to be read every December. The true story makes you think about what Christmas is truly about, the pleasure of giving gifts and what it means to be part of a family. There are loving descriptions of the various homemade decorations, the various ways the children try to make Christmas special and more, making it the sort of book not just for one family, but with lots of possibilities for school or Sunday school use. It stayed in my mind long afterwards, so it is sure to do the same with many other people.

The Book

Revell Books (Baker Publishing Group)
October 2007
0800718364 / 9780800718367
Children (Preschool-8) / Memoir [1963, California]
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NOTE: Holiday read - Christmas

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Rachel A. Hyde
Reviewed 2007
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