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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian:
The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

by Ernie Malik

      The subtitle of this book is descriptive of exactly what this book is - it is a companion guiding moviegoers on a private tour of the making of Prince Caspian.  This companion first provides a gentle reminder of the original movie and then leads the reader into the magic and mystery of the newest edition of Narnia films.  Through an amazing feat of narrative writing Ernie Malik pulls back the curtain allowing readers young and old a glimpse of the technology behind the making of the movie while never losing the magic of the tales themselves.

Readers who are interested in the behind-the-scenes humanity of the actors will be thrilled by the candid photographs and biographical information they will find - both of the original actors and the newest editions to the Narnia cast.  Those interested in the process of text to screenplay to storyboard to film will be delighted (especially with the graphics of artist Frederico D’Allesandro).  Fans of animation and special effects will love reading about bringing Reepicheep to life.

The gorgeous photographs are worth the price of the book in themselves.  They provide a "camera lens" view into the process of turning text into cinema.  Ernie Malik’s writing is humorous and delightful, revealing enough to make the reader feel as though he is being told "insider secrets" without giving away enough details to make movie-going any less magical.  Reading the book BEFORE seeing the movie made my time in the theatre even more enjoyable.  Re-reading the book AFTER seeing the movie was a different type of treat - one which made me hungry to see the film again.

The Book

Harper One
April 1, 2008
Non-fiction / Miscellaneous / Movie Tie-in
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Louanne Clayton Jacobs
Reviewed 2008
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