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An Artist's America

by Michael Albert

      Modern pop artist Michael Albert has created an unusual but fascinating book which both children and adults will enjoy. Combining his art style with his recycling philosophy, Albert has created a number of works that are derived from consumer packaging, old photos, and even discarded cardboard.

Using this material, the artist offers his interpretation of historical and epic events in a series of colorful collages. Each selection is accompanied by a short narrative explaining either the inspiration for the collage or how it was created.

After looking at Albert's work, young readers hopefully will be inspired to the point where they will want to create a collage of their own. The final page of the book lists what the youngster will need to do to create his or her own collage.

This is an excellent way of not only introducing a child to pop art but also suggesting a home project that will get the creative juices flowing. The idea of re-cycling objects found around the house is certainly an excellent idea as well.

The Book

Henry Holt
April 29, 2008
Children Non-fiction / Ages 7 and up
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2008
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