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Face to Face With Whales
National Geographic's Face to Face With Animals series

by Flip and Linda Nicklin

      Face to Face With Whales is a new book in the National Geographic series Face to Face With Animals. From the photograph of the huge humpback whale to the pod of one-tusked narwhals to the momma blue whale and its baby, author Flip Nicklin and his wife have captured the magnificence of these splendid creatures. Each page in Whales is filled with detailed information about the habits and lives of the many whales that inhabit our oceans. While much of the information was not new to me, Face to Face With Whales is an excellent reference for any child with an interest in these large, water-dwelling creatures. The authors include a section to teach readers about helping all whales by taking care of the oceans in which they live, and a reference section with websites and additional books to read.

The Nicklins have done their job well. From the very first page, filled with the photograph of a humpback whale's face, its eye practically winking at us, we feel as if we've really come Face to Face With Whales.

The Book

National Geographic Society
May 13, 2008
Juvenile Non-fiction (9-12)
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The Reviewer

Marcia Berneger
Reviewed 2008
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