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Face to Face With Wolves
National Geographic's Face to Face With Animals series

by Jim and Judy Brandenburg

      Face to Face With Wolves is one of the latest titles in the National Geographic series Face to Face with Animals. In Wolves, author Jim Brandenburg shares his lifelong passion for the magnificent gray wolves living just beyond his Minnesota home. Brandenburg's own stunning photography illustrates his narrative of the wolfs' characteristics and lifestyle. He gets close enough to the animals in his "backyard" to photograph everything from fuzzy black newborn pups to a howling circle of adult males, to an arctic wolf hunting party. While the book is worth having just for the photography itself, the Brandenbergs fill the pages with fascinating facts as well. We learn how a lone wolf is left behind to babysit the pups when the pack goes hunting. This babysitter plays with the young wolves as it guards them from predators. Mingling facts with photos, the Brandenburgs show us how one wolf pack allowed a three-legged member to share their food, illustrating how wolves care for their injured and their elderly.

Thirty years ago wolves were a highly endangered species. Efforts to save them have been successful and there are now several thousand wolves in the wild. The Brandenbergs include a section to help readers understand what to do to ensure the wolf's continued survival. They follow this information with web sites and a short bibliography for further reading.

If you want an enjoyable book about wolves, with extraordinary photography, this is the perfect book for you. The Brandenburgs have done their job well. They really bring us Face to Face with Wolves.

The Book

National Geographic Society
May 13, 2008
Children's Non-Fiction / Ages 9-12
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Marcia Berneger
Reviewed 2008
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