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Greater Estimations

by Bruce Goldstone

      What do 1,000 or 10,000 rubber ducks look like? How many kernels are in a giant tub of movie popcorn? How many hairs does a cat have?

In this companion book to Great Estimations, young readers will discover how to train their eyes and minds so that they can make really great estimates about quantity, length, volume, and the area of something they see.

An estimate is a "good" or "educated" guess that accompanies the careful observation of whatever one needs to measure. You don't just pick a number out of the air and hope it is correct. There is a method to making sound estimates and this book will explain what some of these techniques entail.

This is an excellent resource for introducing a young person to some of the simple "math" behind making great estimations.

The Book

Henry Holt
August 2008
Children's Non Fiction: Ages 7-10
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The Reviewer

Bob Walch
Reviewed 2008
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