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How To Be An Egyptian Princess
National Geographic "How To Be" Book

by Jacqueline Morley
Illustrated by Dave Antram

      National Geographic's collection of "How to Be A..." is an exciting series for middle grade readers. Each one begins with a front page advertisement announcing a search for just the right person. In How to Be an Egyptian Princess, the call is out to fill a vacancy in the royal household in ancient Egypt.

Author Jacqueline Morley takes us back 4000 years and describes the people, customs and social structure of life in the ancient kingdom of Egypt. Filled with fascinating facts, How to Be an Egyptian Princess draws the readers in and "teaches" them everything necessary to function as a royal princess, from the nighttime headrest designed to keep her head safe from any "scary creepy-crawlies," to having her head shaved so her wig fits well. There are pages on make-up, jewelry and clothing and even a lengthy description of how a queen's body is preserved as a mummy after death.

How to Be an Egyptian Princess presents its facts on pages dotted with many excellent illustrations. Although the text is about becoming a princess, this book will be a hit with boys as well as girls. I even found it a most interesting read, as will anyone who likes learning about ancient history.

The Book

National Geographic Children's Books
May 13, 2008
Children’s, ages 9-12 / Historical / Ancient Egypt, 1600s BC
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Marcia Berneger
Reviewed 2008
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