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Me, Myself, and I
Youth Meditations for Grades Five Through Eight

by Sandra McLeod Humphrey

      Does your life seem boring when compared to your friendsí lives? Do you wish you were an only child so you wouldnít have to deal with your annoying sibling? Does life suddenly seem complicated with rules from teachers, parents, and friends? If you're a tween, youíve probably asked yourself similar questions. Tweens find themselves in the confusing "between" age: too old for kiddie stuff and too young for teenage life. Author Sandra McLeod Humphrey guides tweens through tough situations in Me, Myself, and I.

In "Dreams and Drums," Aaron tries to figure out who he is and to identify his special talent. Maybe he takes after his brother, the soccer star. After dragging behind the other players at practice, Aaron feels like a failure. The soccer coach suggests he try basketball. It may be a nice way to steer him toward another sport, but Aaron feels terrible about himself. His mom suggests he play clarinet. Even though Aaron knows he didn't inherit his familyís musical talent, he tries out. He canít play a note. The teacher suggests science club, probably because his sister is a brain. Aaron doesnít share any of his familyís special talents. Is he good at anything? Who is he if heís not athletic, musical, or smart like others in his family?

Author and retired clinical psychologist Sandra McLeod Humphrey is experienced working with and writing for young people. Me, Myself, and I presents tween narratives in twenty-six alphabetized chapters, such as "Attitude is Everything!," "Heroes Aren't Always Where You Think They Are," "Promises Arenít Always Forever," and "U-Turns Allowed." Each chapterís scenario opens with helpful quotations in: "Bible Wisdom," "A Favorite Quotation," "Words to Ponder," "What I Can Think," and "What I Can Do." After reading each story, tweens will find a relevant prayer and Questions to Ponder. Me, Myself, and I provides a valuable resource for tweens wanting inspirational guidance through adolescence.

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CSS Publishing Company
May 2008
0-7880-2560-0 / 978-0-7880-2560-0
Tweener age / Non-fiction / Inspirational / Self-Help
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