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Jump Into Science

by Steve Tomecek
Illustrated by Lisa Chancey Guida

      Moon, by Steve Tomecek, is the latest paperback in the Jump Into Science series by National Geographic. Just as the title implies, the book is packed with fascinating information about the moon. From strange old beliefs about the moon being made of green cheese to modern explanations of how craters are formed, Moon contains facts about all aspects of our closest neighbor in space.

A whimsical cat and its firefly buddy are the delightful narrators on our lunar exploration. They help us navigate through the moon's phases and guide us in measuring and comparing the moon's size to that of Earth. They even let us join Apollo II as it lands on the moon, leaving footprints that, according to our kitty guide, are still there today. This book is an easy read and a fun way to learn all about the moon.

The Book

National Geographic Children's Books
May 13, 2008
Children’s Non-fiction, Ages 4 - 8
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Marcia Berneger
Reviewed 2008
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