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My First Picture Dictionary
Little Einsteins series

by Susan Amerikaner
Illustrated by Andy Mastrocinque, Katie Nix, and Nadeem Zaidi

      You'll find 933 words with short, one sentence definitions and accompanying  illustrations in this beginner's dictionary. The words are divided into over sixty categories such as pets, veggies, things you'll find at the bakery, and going to the doctor's office. Each category has upwards of 15 to 20 items.

Nonreaders will be able to associate symbols with words while beginning readers hopefully can start to read many of the words on their own. Parents can point to an object and ask, "What's that?" or they can go one step beyond and ask, "Where's the duck?" or "Where's the potato on this page?".

How you use this tool depends on how quickly your child grasps the concept that the objects pictured have names, are sometimes found in special places, and serve specific purposes.

The only "downside" to this volume is that there are a lot of items on each page, which can make it a little busy for the younger child. Older youngsters probably won't have a problem with this.

The Book

Disney Press
July 17, 2008E
Children Ages 3 and up / Non Fiction / Dictionary
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2008
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